Why swim up stream when you can go with the flow?

Have you ever set yourself goals and been really focused on those goals, only to realise the path you are on just isn’t working? If so have you ever wondered why this happens and considered that recognising this is a positive thing?

Life and the universe is all about energy. The energy that is around us is forever changing and as we are inextricably linked to the universe that means we are also changing all the time. Therefore, the goals we set maybe a year ago may not now be appropriate to where we are right now energetically.

Whilst I recognise goal setting and focus are important, balancing this effectiveness with the present flow of energy can have the most awesome effect with regards to our energy levels. This will help balance our spiritual body with our physical body which in turn will lead to a more balanced energy and better health.

So next time you are feeling stretched in all directions and are dealing with obstacles one after another, take time to look at the bigger picture. You might just see something amazing!


Sally x