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For most of this week I have been in North Wales at the Dru Yoga Centre at their Snowdonia Mountain Lodge. It was so great to wake up in a huge Welsh Valley and go hiking up into the hills and to forget about everything for a while and to just appreciate untouched nature and the fact I had no phone signal (heaven!). There is certainly nothing like the Snowdonia mountain range to remind you how small you are that’s for sure.

It is so easy to become so wrapped up in your own ideas when in a big city (or anywhere for that matter), and caught up in the culture of working so hard you feel like you are on a human hamster wheel. I wonder how a lot of us (myself included sometimes) have ended up like this? And how did this become the norm for so many? I know for myself I have always felt happier when I am being productive and ‘getting shit done’, but have become more aware recently that trying to get things done can be counterproductive if you are trying to do this when you are over tired or not focused (I know its obvious but it’s good to be reminded sometimes:)

Whilst many people feel guilty for taking time off or for giving the hamster wheel a break now and then, it should be remembered that taking a break now and then can lead to higher productivity and enjoyment of work. Of course not taking a break is understandable given the current economic climate, and is quite often easier said than done, but next time you get to take a break, don’t feel bad. Enjoy it whatever it is you do.

Personally I’m still challenged by this and am trying to make chilling out without self criticism part of my yoga practice, but I think for now just bringing awareness to this observation is a good thing. Now get back to work! Just kidding!

I am running three walking and yoga retreats plus yoga teacher training in the Snowdonia area this year. Feel free to join me.


Hello yogis.

Ah, there is so much to write about in the world of yoga right now it challenging to know where to start.

I guess the most obvious subject that’s been in the press recently is how yoga is bad for you and can ruin your body, the most obvious publications being Peta Bees’ article for The Times (which was actually OK), and William Broads’ book, ‘The Science of Yoga’.

It would be easy for me to be really biased here and say that journalists don’t know what they’re talking about, but I do actually think some claims were quite sensible. Yes inverted postures such as Head Stand and Shoulder Stand can hurt you if you’re not careful, and I feel it can only be a good thing if more awareness is brought to practising such postures correctly. So that is a good thing for sure. But isn’t that obvious? Wouldn’t running ten miles when all you’ve done before is jog around the block be a daft thing to do?

I am not sure why the torrent of negativity has occurred all of a sudden, sensationalism maybe? All journalists need work after all. I just kind of wish they’d leave us yogis alone though. We are doing ok you know 🙂