It sounds simple doesn’t it? How many times have you been told to ‘just relax’? And how many times has this suggestion made you less so? I’ve really been observing people today and its making realise just how difficult it is.

I first started thinking about this the other day when I was in a steam room at a gym were I teach both yoga and Pilates. It was all very mellow until a gym member started doing abdominal curls in the steam room which was accompanied by grunting and squelching. Nice! So he was clearly not relaxed and nor was I by that point, (mainly because it was dark and these sounds made me feel slightly uneasy!) I didn’t mind that much as I found it quite funny. It was a shame though as this guy had allowed himself ten minutes or so to chill out and he couldn’t take it. It seemed to literally freak him out.

So then I started to wonder how on earth we’ve arrived at the ‘we must keep doing no matter what’ culture (obviously there are a thousand reasons mainly due to ongoing pressure that’s rooted in fear. But that needs a whole other blog post). And that led me to think how irritating some of us yoga teachers must be to people who can’t relax. (I also find relaxing a challenge, hence me being drawn to yoga. Corpse pose it STILL the most challenging posture for me. Be still, what? please no, I’ve got stuff to do!).

Anyway, so within my many musings today I have decided that may be the best thing us yoga teachers can do with our wonderful clients and students is to not add to their stress by adding ‘just relax’ to the long list of tasks, but just be considerate of all that maybe going on for them and give them a physically effective yoga class in that it will encourage rest later on in the day when its really needed.

Just a thought though, no pressure, honest!