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I have been teaching yoga for around ten years now, but only been teaching yoga in London for two years and have found it really quite interesting and pretty comical at times. Whilst I believe we need to attach to results initially to get us to commit to any kind of routine, teaching a practice that is rooted in spirituality in a city where people are generally result driven can have its challenges, and it has felt a little crazy at times. The funniest question I was asked by a well known personal trainer was ‘what is yoga going to do for me exactly’? Ah! That’s the whole point right there, its not about you! Yes of course initially we make some shapes on a yoga mat but that is only to prepare you for the spiritual side. I should clarify at this point that by being spiritual I don’t mean walking around in a cloud of incense smoke and orange robes (although that is strangely appealing to me right now), I just mean being a better person who lives with a decent level of awareness with regards to both themselves and others. And being kind. Being kind is so important in life and your yoga practice. I have always said to people I’ve taught when they get frustrated that they can’t touch their toes or do a postures like they see in the magazines, that it is much more important to be kind. It’s not that doing more advanced postures isn’t fun or great to aim for, but in my opinion there’s a much bigger picture. A well balanced yoga practice should reach out far beyond the mat and this is what anyone wanting a well rounded yoga practice should be doing. And so, on that note I will leave you to ponder my favourite quote from the Dalai Lama:

‘My religion is very simple. My religion in kindness’.



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I just wanted to let you know I have added another delicious recipe to my recipes page.

This week it is a really tasty and healthy carrot and red pepper hummus. Great with crudités, in a wrap or with a salad. It has lots of protein and is very low in saturated fat. A perfect snack! Visit my website for other tasty recipes.

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Wrap up warm and I hope to see you on the mat soon!

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